Best Practice Bulletins are designed to show and make people aware of the more positive side of health, safety and welfare provisions and to prompt a proactive response. We can all take a look at the achievements or good advice on best practice, from others, to add to our own systems.

The bulletins are all sent out ‘anonymously’ unless you request otherwise. That will mean everyone will know where they came from. This can put the spotlight on achievement and information providers and can also be a bigger pat on the back to them.

We take the bulletins and have them checked by our Technical Committee. They are put into the BSA format and then three will be sent every week to all registered members. All entries are then archived on the website so that people can download and learn from them whenever they want.

If you have best practice bulletins to contribute please contact the Administrator on If you can send open MS Word documents it makes it easier for the preparations before they can be distributed and then posted on the BSA website.

By the sharing of such information, hazard identification, risk awareness and understanding is heightened which, in itself, will help to improve Health, Safety and Welfare in South Africa.