BuildSafe South Africa (BSA) is a continuously growing group of likeminded stakeholders formed to assist the construction industry, by all stakeholders of the construction industry, to reduce the cost (social and financial) of industrial incidents on the industry at large.  BuildSafe South Africa is a not for profit organisation aimed at improving safety and health conditions and environmental knowledge, awareness and management of all construction industry stakeholders through the free exchange and sharing of information between organisations.

By encouraging companies to pool information, BuildSafe South Africa hopes to prevent accidents by raising awareness and communicating potential dangers and lessons learnt throughout the industry.

BuildSafe South Africa consists of a number of major (International and Local) contractors, consultants, designers, service organisations and other institutes of the South African Construction Industry who have agreed to share their information.  Information provided by these members includes incident alerts, best practice bulletins, risk assessments, safe working methods, safety presentations, tool box talks, case studies, focus groups, sustainability bulletins and any other information that could enrich the construction industry, improve the standards of safety and health and increase the knowledge, awareness and understanding of the environment.

We invite organisations across the industry to join BuildSafe South Africa, to become involved in creating a real awareness of safety, health and environmental issues within the South African market place and sharing that with stakeholders in other markets too.

To enjoy all the benefits of BuildSafe South Africa, please register your details on this website to become part of the regular information circulation and keep abreast of any interesting developments in our industry.